Monday, 13 December 2010

Militant Muslim Swedish Bomber says "Our actions will speak for themselves.".

Shame he ruined such a nice Audi too!

Yeah, your actions say "EVEN THOUGH I GAINED A DEGREE I CAN'T EVEN BLOW MYSELF UP CORRECTLY!". Then again, perhaps he did blow himself up correctly, after all the only person he killed was himself.....nice one!

Seriously though, what could drive such an obviously intelligent individual to do Such a stupid thing?, At the end of the day it's his kids I feel for as he obviously thought more about his after life in paradise and becoming a martyr than he did about his own children, and lets not forget the fact that he was intending to kill other peoples children also.......

It is said that his wife knew nothing of his terrorist intentions, she probably thought that he was manufacturing a devilishly clever rucksack with a built in radio on the living room table!

Note: This story reminded me of a video I saw on Youtube a few years ago. If you look closely you will notice that the location of the car in the video in relation to that of the car in the failed attack a are very similar...i wonder if Mr Terrorist got his idea from this Viral?

Rest in Pieces !


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