Monday, 6 December 2010

Car failed MOT today......


Sadly Scarlett failed her MOT today due to several problems being found :-(

Loose headlights, a blowing exhaust union,worn suspension mounts and a spot of welding is required on the rear suspension mounting point, oh and both rear wheel bearings require replacement.

As usual this all comes at a bad time,just before Christmas, and only a few weeks after shelling out nearly £500 on "other" repairs.

Still, for a (almost) 24 year old car that does on average between 16-18'000 miles per year it has not cost me a fortune to run, and until now has never needed much more than a regular service.

The parts arrive tomorrow and with a little luck she will be back in service by Wednesday...just the small matter of "how much" still to ponder.....we will see!


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