Tuesday, 28 December 2010

So..that WAS Christmas!. But I fear we have again missed the point!


Perhaps it's just me, but I can't help but think that Christmas now days is all about consumerism and cynical pseudo good will to all men ...well those we can be arsed to speak too anyway!.

Many weeks before the day itself the hype starts with the first Christmas decorations in Tesco's from Early October and those bloody awful French perfume adverts that start to appear on our television screens "Eau de bollocks by laboritoire urine Paris" .

Perhaps I am getting old, but it seems to me to be so wrong that on a day to celebrate the Birth of someone very important, the advertisers, retailers and TV companies seem to concentrate very little on that fact, and instead choose to ram a cocktail of celebrity,repeats of films, sales,holidays and those god damn awful "list" programs (Elvis's top 100 Christmas songs).

Imagine if it was your birthday and hardly anyone bothered to say "Happy Birthday" to you, but instead made a ferking fortune selling loads of stuff in your name and for your special day, then ignored the whole point of what the day was actually about!

Hail to the New God of retail......after all, it's what Christmas is all about now,....isn't it?


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