Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Mother faked Leukaemia and Brain Tumour to make hundreds of pounds


A mother who claimed to be fatally ill with a brain tumour, bone cancer and leukaemia is accused of inventing her condition to con well-wishers out of hundreds of pounds.

Terri Edkins, 23, allegedly shaved her hair off and wore a headscarf to mimic the appearance of a real cancer sufferer as she told her three young children, friends and family that she had only six months to live................

This is the sort of story that really makes my blood boil!, and the fact that this woman conned hundreds of people out of an awful lot of money, not to mention their good will, makes the job of those who genuinely raise money for REAL causes just that bit more difficult!. Why on earth would someone do such a sick and disgusting thing?

To Read more about this terrible story please click HERE.

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