Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Why do people blog about their illness?


Hundreds of people blog about their illness or trauma every day. In her article from the Guardian Sue Eckstein explains why......

"If anyone had told me a year ago that I'd be a blogger I would have laughed. I am a cautious Facebook user – by turns amused and horrified at the very public way that friends (and friends of friends of friends) conduct their lives. It feels like happening upon a hidden diary and taking the wrong decision to have a quick read.

In April, I was diagnosed with a malignant giant cell tumour in my leg, and amputation was the proposed "cure". A few days before my admission to hospital, I was trying to explain to a friend how well-wishers' remarks about Heather Mills's fancy footwork on the ice rink were actually little consolation. "You should blog about it," she said. I was sceptical, not least because I didn't know what a blog was. My friend – a poet – showed me hers, and I loved the clean lines, the elegant prose, the haunting photographs. It seemed a million miles from the shouty randomness of Facebook and the cryptic soundbites of Twitter"

Hallelujah to that ! :-)

To read the full article click HERE to visit the Guardian Website..


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