Wednesday, 29 December 2010

UK Government to encourage charity donations at cashpoints.


One idea being tabled under the the Governments new "Big Society" drive is the option to allow people to donate to charity via new methods, one of which is via bank cashpoints.

It seems like a very good idea on the face of it,but the question that has not been answered very clearly so far is whether our donations via the cashpoint will still attract the Gift Aid bonus of 25p in the pound that all UK tax payers can claim as an extra bonus for their chosen cause.

Worryingly, it appears that far from gaining more cash for charities by offering this option, the Government may in fact save themselves rather a lot in tax relief by avoiding the tax break which turns a £10 donation into a £12.50 donation!.

Mmmmmm. Perhaps this "gift horse" needs it's mouth checking over a little more closely!

What do you think?

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