Friday, 17 December 2010

Dear Aso Mohammed Ibrahim. This post is for you.....


Just so that you will never ever be able to forget what terrible anguish, anger and despair you caused when you decided to drive an uninsured car, without a licence and ran over poor Amy Houston as she crossed the road. Then you ran away because you are a coward.

Just so you don't think for one minute that you can run away from this with a feeling of victory, and just so that one day when your own children grow up and Google your name ,this post will ensure that they will know what their father did to another family. Immortality by Immorality I call it.

This is your SIN Aso Mohammed Ibrahim. It will NEVER go away.

Whilst the Internet exists your name will be remembered with shame. Enjoy your life because when it ends you will have to answer for your actions to a much higher authority than some idiot judges working within a chaotic law system.



Anonymous said...

I think he may have his life taken from him ;-)

Andy said...

Strangely,even though this guy is such an out and out scumbag I would rather he was either deported or thrown into a UK jail.I want him to have time to ponder his actions and his pathetic human rights appeal. The simple fact is that the paltry jail term he got for killing a child is less than he would get for stealing £500 from a bank!. The UK justice system is as guilty as he is for handing down such a pathetic sentence.