Saturday, 13 February 2010

Abdulla Akbari,Manager of the National Bank of Dubai (UAE) wants me to help him out!....

Received this in the S2M email today, crikey!, i am getting requests from all over the place these its a bank manager who wants me to "squirrel away" a few million...So,what do we think ?

From: Abdulla Akbari
MANAGER National Bank of Dubai
Madinat Jumeira Branch
Dear Friend,
Please kindly accept glad tidings. I must admit that I am elated to the fact that you have received my email, and reading through it in order to discover the possibility of partnering with me on a recent business opportunity that emerged just a month ago. First let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Abdulla Akbari, the branch manager of National Bank of Dubai (NBD), Madinat Jumeirah Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
On the 4th of June 2009 a High Net worth but now late client of mine named Luis Roberto Anastacio who was the President of Michelin in South America left Brazil enroute Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a business meeting with officials of my bank regarding his Fixed Deposit Account worth Eleven Million Eight Hundred and Ninety Eight Thousand United States Dollars ($11,898,000.00). He had invested the funds with us for a period of Four (4) years. The investment matured, and the client was contacted about the development. It was on his way to Dubai that the ill fated aircraft crashed along with all passengers on board.
During a recent process of account auditing and report rendition to the Financial Institutions regulatory body charged by the government of U.A.E to monitor activities of banks, it was discovered that the deceased had not declared any next of kin on the term deposit forms he had completed when the account was opened. Based on the findings, our bank commenced search and inquire for any possible relative or business associate of the deceased for the purpose of claiming the funds. But after exhausting the maximum mandatory search period of Thirty (30) days as required by the UAE banks and other financial instititutions regulatory act, without discovering any relative of the deceased (the only relative he had was his wife who accompanied him on the same ill fated trip), the bank is going to soon commence the process of remitting these funds to the coffers of the government treasury as unclaimed funds.
Such type of monies are utilized by the United Arab Emirates government to service any ancillary cost of running projects that have not been budgeted for in any given fiscal year. It is for this purpose that I am writing you to enable me present you as one of the Late Luis Roberto’s business partner who is supposed to be the rightful claimant to the Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($12,500,000.00) currently with held by my bank. The basic documents which you need to present to the officials of the bank can be availed to you through me, as the Branch Manager of the branch the account was opened in favour of the deceased.
I am currently not happy at all with my bank because they have withheld my salary and benefits for the past Thirteen (13) months, because of a loan I recommended to the management to be approved for a customer which later went bad, and deemed as impossible to recover. My wife and daughter have been suffering because of this singular act of my selfish bank, not even considering that I have a sick father suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to cater for. He has become a sorry sight because of my current financial situation.   
I am willing to agree on a mutually beneficial terms of sharing the fund between the two (2) of us. This is because; I will not be able to execute the funds transfer without the assistance of an outside partner. Therefore my need to partner with you is the most important part of this business transaction. You will require to open an account in your name (if you do not have one) where we shall have the funds transferred to. After which, we shall share the proceeds equally, and I can start life outside the United Arab Emirates.
Should you agree to partner with me on this venture (which I am hoping that you are willing), I shall write and guide you on the step by step process on what is expected of you. I want to state here clearly to you, that you shall not be exposed to any form of legal risk whatsoever to your personality. This is because I shall provide you with the knowledge and documents that will be required by the department charged with handling requests such as that of late Mr. Luis Roberto Anastacio.
I trust that I have made myself very clear as regards to what is involved, and what is required of you as a partner. Please I request you to kindly write back to me to enable me guide you on how we shall go about achieving success together.
Abdulla Akbari "

Awwwww...bless him.....seems such a nice fella ! :-)

Keep watching this site for more cons being exposed !


jodie said...

I just received the same email today.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that nobody wants to help him out, because I received this e-mail also... 5 months later :-)

Come on guys... anyone?? ;-)