Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rihanna asks Pepsi to Help with the Fight Against Leukaemia

Pop star Rihanna has vowed to help leukaemia sufferers after the six-year-old girl she attempted to save from the disease passed away last month (Jan10th 2010).
Little Jasmina Anema captured the Umbrella hitmaker's heart in 2008 after the youngster's desperate family appealed online for bone marrow donors.
The singer supported the public appeal, and kept in close contact with Jasmina, but was left "heartbroken" when the child passed away in hospital last month.
Now the singer has submitted a request for funding from bosses at beverage giant Pepsi, who have launched the Refresh Project, which hands out $20 million (£12.5 million) annually to good causes.
Rihanna wants part of the fund to go towards the  DKMS charity, which helps to try and find bone marrow donors for the victims of leukaemia.

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