Saturday, 20 February 2010

Liverpool dad who suffers with leukaemia told he can’t have drug which could save his life

A DAD with leukaemia has been told he can’t have the drug he needs to save his life.Alan Rice, 69, of Mossley Hill, is battling to stay alive after Liverpool PCT said they wouldn’t pay for his drug.

The dad-of-two is the latest victim of an NHS postcode lottery which means some health authorities will pay for treatment while others won’t.

Alan, of Mentmore Road, has battled chronic leukaemia for over 10 years and after five years of chemotherapy was told by his consultant at the Royal that the treatment wasn’t working.

Instead, Prof Andrew Pettitt recommended Lenalidomide, a drug which has been shown to extend patients’ lives by over three years in clinical trials.

Without an appropriate treatment, Alan, who suffers chronic leukaemia with weakened bones, may only survive another year.

Alan said: “The letter from the PCT is my death warrant. Without the drug, I won’t be able to carry on trying to fight the condition and I have no idea how long I will live.

NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, has only approved the drug for use in multiple myeloma, a rare and incurable type of bone marrow cancer.

To read more about Alan's story please click HERE to view the Liverpool Daily Post Website.

This is yet another case of the so called "Postcode Lottery" that many people will face, as if living with the cancer was not enough!. Good luck to you Alan, hope this situation is resolved...and soon!.


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