Friday, 5 February 2010

Spam,spam,spam and spam!. Liam Francis shows the TV chefs what REAL cooking is!

ARMY chef Liam Francis performed heroics for frontline troops when the Taliban shot down supplies — and left them with only SPAM to eat for six weeks.

Liam, a 26 year-old corporal, found himself with no fresh food — but hundreds of tins of the tinned pork and ham famously lampooned by Monty Python. His culinary skills were stretched to the limit as he cooked up a variety of dishes including sweet and sour Spam, Spam fritters, Spam carbonara, Spam stroganoff and stir-fried Spam.

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This stroy reminds me of when mysef and Glen attended the RAF Waddington Air Show in 2008. We had managed to convince TV drill instructor Richard "Nooky" Nauyokas to come along for the Sunday to help us raise cash for the S2M event, and we just so happened to be pitched right across the road
from a trailer promoting SPAM. We soon found out that they were giving away free samples of the product, and so we made a few trips along to to the wagon to fill our empty stomaches during the day.
Nooky asked why we always seemed to be munching spam everytime he saw us, and,after explaining the deal, he marched over to the stall.
"Look, it's that fella off of the telly" said one of the crew serving up the free spam portions, "hey mate" he said to Nooky, " how about you doing us a bit of PR to promote our stuff?".
Nooky looked at him for a moment, then he turned to the crowd that had gathered around him and without batting an eyelid shouted "Come here and get yer spam, it tastes like crap but it fills you up!"........he never got asked to advertise for them again for some reason :-).
Well done Liam. You really showed those chefs at "Ready Steady Cook" a thing or 2 about using your imagination mate :-).

P.S Wonder if the people who make SPAM will get Liam to do an Ad ?

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