Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sherwood Forest Texas!

Having grown up not far from Sherwood forest,made famous by that man in tights Robin Hood, I was intrigued to hear on BBC Radio Nottingham this morning that a new visitor attraction is being opened in a few days called "The Sherwood Forest Faire". Exited by the prospect of visiting this new development I listened intently as the owner of the park, Eric Todd, explained all about it, and it was at this point I realised that this new and interesting park was not anywhere near the current Sherwood Forest visitors centre, but was in fact opening in Texas,USA!.
How disappointed I was to find that something that I for one felt was long overdue at the forest, was in fact not going to be within 3000 miles of it, but hey, at least someone has had the foresight and vision to give others an insight into medieval England and the exploits of Good old Robin Hood.

Apparently the dateline for the park is set in 1189, the year that the oldest pub "Ye olde trip to Jerusalem" (Formally known as "The Pilgrim") was established, and the buildings (including a relica of the pub!) and scenery all combine to take people back to that era. If only it was in the UK, if only it was in Sherwood, I would make time to take my 3 kids to see it you can count on that, as it is, perhaps one day they might take me to see the one in never know :-)

Well done to Eric though for realising his dream and spreading the word of Sherwood forest and the legend of Robin Hood to the good folk of the "Lone Star" State :-). Good luck with your venture :-)

To Visit the Sherwood Forest Faire Website Click HERE.

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