Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What is the difference between Tuna bought at Sainsburys and that bought in Iceland ?

£2.39 is the rather surprising answer!.

Having bought a four pack of Princes tuna chunks in Brine from Sainsburys the other day for £5.39, you can imagine my surprise when shortly afterwards we spied the Exact same product in the local Iceland store for...£3.00!.
Now I don't mind shelling out a few quid extra when I shop at a local store such as SPAR or the CO-OP,I expect the prices to be slightly more than the local supermarket, but I must say that I was not a happy bunny when I realised the enormous wedge of my hard earned cash that Sainsburys expected me to part with for 4 tins of ruddy fish!

This was not an accident either, the identical produce had the same Best Before date and before you ask,No the Iceland offering was NOT on special offer.

I can only assume that the services of one Mr Jamie Oliver must be costing them a few quid, and so they have decided to pass the cost on to their poor customers..me included.

I will be checking the prices in Sainsbury's a little closer from now on,and, as their advert says "Try something new today" I will also be shopping for a lot more of my groceries in Iceland also.

This is the reply that I received today after I asked for an explanation of their pricing......

"Dear Andrew

Thanks for your email and for choosing to shop with us.  I'm sorry you are not happy about the price of some of our products.  I can understand you feel disappointed at this as you are a loyal Sainsbury's customer.

We’re committed to offering great quality food at fair prices which is sourced with integrity.  We regularly review our prices to make sure we offer value for money whilst remaining competitive and we work hard to negotiate great deals with our suppliers.  Although we try to keep our pricing as fair as possible sometime prices can go up as well as down.
There are lots of factors which can affect pricing, from rising costs of raw materials, to production and packaging and even transportation.  Whilst we try to absorb these increases for as long as possible, sometimes we eventually have to put the price of certain products up.  
We appraciate you taking the time to contact us about this, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kind regards
Customer Manager"

So I guess this means that indeed I should "try something new today"and buy my groceries from other shops, because all I can gather from this "stock reply" email is that there really is no excuse for the price difference...unless of course Sainsbury's buy their tuna from another planet !....that may explain the cost!


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