Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pontin’s to fight blood cancers in 2010

The UK’s leading holiday entertainment company Pontin’s has pledged its support in the battle against blood cancers by naming Leukaemia Research as its charity partner for 2010.

To help the charity celebrate its 50th birthday in 2010, Pontin’s will invite its holidaymakers to add a £1 donation when booking their break. The company is also organising a number of fundraising events throughout the year at its five seaside resorts at Southport, Brean Sands, Camber Sands, Prestatyn and Pakefield. Bluecoats will even join Sir Ian Botham in April 2010 on different legs of his latest walk around the country for Leukaemia Research.

Recognising the strain treatment can put on patients and those close to them, Pontin’s also gave brave children an early Christmas present by inviting a number of families to its Pre -Christmas Dreamland last December.

While leukaemia is the most common childhood cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma can affect people of any age and Leukaemia Research is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for these blood cancers.

Pontin’s is taking part in Leukaemia Research’s Big Five-0 Challenge, in which the charity is asking companies to help celebrate its 50th birthday in 2010 by fundraising. Leukaemia Research’s Chairman of Fundraising, Alastair Campbell is leading the Big Five-0 Challenge.

Alastair Campbell said: “It is never easy for charities to ask for money and it is certainly harder with the current economic situation. However, good causes do not go away with bad times, on the contrary their need becomes greater”.

Since Leukaemia Research was formed in 1960, huge advances have been made in the treatment of these blood cancers, especially in the area of childhood leukaemia where survival rates have gone from virtually zero in 1960 to over 80% today.

Graham Parr, Chairman at Pontin’s said: “: Families are really important to us as a traditional family holiday and entertainment company so we’re delighted to support Leukaemia Research’s commitment to keeping more families together through their research. We know all our guests and our Bluecoats will get behind us to raise as much as possible.”

Well done Pontins !.

P.S I must admit that I have a confession to make...I was a Pontins Bonny Baby Winner in 1968!.....Picture to follow.....

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