Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Union slams Cadbury's shift to Poland as 700 jobs are cut

Unite, the manufacturing trade union, yesterday accused Cadbury Schweppes of behaving like an "asset-stripping private equity firm" following the company's announcement that it would shed 700 jobs by outsourcing chocolate production to Poland.

Cadbury said it planned to shut its factory in Keynsham, near Bristol, by 2010, with the loss of 500 jobs, while 200 further posts would go in Bournville, in the Midlands, at the plant where it has been producing chocolate for almost 130 years.
Much of the work done at the Keynsham and Bournville plants will be switched to the Polish company Wedel, which it acquired in 1998, Cadbury said, because labour and manufacturing costs would be much lower.
The announcement is particularly controversial because Cadbury has a long history of social engagement and community involvement, dating from the reformist attitudes of the Cadbury family, Quakers who founded the company in the 19th century. The Fry family, which merged their company with Cadbury in 1919, bringing the Keynsham operation into the business, came from a similar background.

This is yet another example of the way shareholders needs are put before that of the people who do a bloody good job for a company and are then treated like dirt for their efforts.

A company (which I shall not name here!) that I deal with through the NHS outsourced to Poland a few years ago and now we can't get spare parts for our patient beds with any sense of urgency, often waiting up to 6 MONTHS for anything to arrive!
KRAFT! Should change their name to Krafty.......cheeky gits.

To read the full story about this KRAFTY move, click HERE to visit the Independent Website.

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