Thursday, 26 August 2010

14,843,311. Thats the number of Bone Marrow Donors and Cord Blood Units in the World Today!


How do I know this fact? Well it's because I have taken a look at the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide Website and this is the figure that they publish as being the current up to date total.

I noticed that the UK contribution to the total (per capita) is very impressive, but some other countries , for whatever reason ,seem to be lagging a little behind when sourcing either Bone Marrow Donors or Cord Blood Donations.

14,843,311 is Good!,but with a little more encouragement that figure could be a lot higher in a world population of 6,884,909,953 souls!

To see the data on the BMDW site click HERE.



Susie said...

Dear Andy: I just updated the post! I'm trying to find out more about bone marrow organizations here in Venezuela! =( As you know things are way different over here in Latin America! I'll keep you posted.
Thank you, love, Susie.

Andy said...

Hi Susie.Nice one! Excellent work.Best wishes.Andy