Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Spotted. Rover 820 with half Rover Trailer !


I would just like to say hello to whoever it was that was driving a silver Rover 820 with a trailer made from half Rover 820 that I spotted on my way to work this morning as I passed through Kirklington,Nottinghamshire.

Nice to see some other nutter who has decided that having a half car as a trailer makes excellent sense :-)

Nice one...whoever you are


I was contacted by Chris, the fella who owns the half Rover trailer, and he has given me this link which explains in pictures how he built it. Great stuff !

Click HERE to see Chris's pictures.Thanks Chris, Nice one mate :-)




Anonymous said...

Hi, it was me you spotted. I was on my way to Norfolk for a long weekend away. I use the trailer for camping gear.


Andy said...

Hi Chris. Great!.Thanks for getting back to me.Looked like a nice job on the trailer..well for the few seconds I got to look at it anyway :-). Best wishes.Andy

Anonymous said...

It's stil not finished yet to be honest. Been using it too much to sort the little jobs yet. 8-)

Here's a link to all the photos I have of it so far.

Do you have any pictures of yours knocking around? I've seen a few on the net and couple of Fiat Cinquecento ones as well as a Reliant Rialto one. It was pink and on Top Gear a few weeks back. I saw it at a show in Lichfield.

Andy said...

Hi Chris.Excellent! Great idea to keep a photo log of the build,nice one.Silly question,but why did you decide to cut at the rear of the front doors and not at the pillar?.Fantastic job anyway.I will try to find a few "in process" ones of mine for you to see also.Andy

Anonymous said...

To keep it tidy looking basically. I wanted a flat front once it was done. Had I cut it at the pillar the front of the rear doors would have been seen from the front.

The problem was I wanted the doors to be usable so this seemed the only way round it. Created more strength as well being further forward. Though that meant filling in the whole left by the sunroof.

Never ending basically. :)