Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What a strange drive home it was last night!

I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was! Something about the strange half light caused by the overcast sky mixed with the presence of 2 complete and very bright rainbows hanging in it.

As I drove along the Mansfield bypass the road seemed to shine in an iridescent way,the oil covered surface itself also reflecting a weird rainbow like sheen. I passed by a group of 4 cyclists using the cycle track that runs along the road and noted how their Yellow,Purple, Green and Red coats stood out so brilliantly in the sunshine that occasionally broke through the unsettled sky

It wasn't until I got as far as Rainworth and saw the magnificent sight of 5 giant wind turbines standing proud and turning slowly on the rolling Green hills of Nottinghamshire that it finally came to me where I had seen this image before, many years ago, but ...........
...hang on
.....wait ..........oh my god No!
, Nottighamshire has turned into TeleTubbie land ....................aggghhhhhhh!


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