Saturday, 7 August 2010

Scirocco 50 LLR Prints Signed by Sir Ian Botham arrived back today :-)


Had a message on a slip from the Post Office this afternoon saying that they had a parcel for me at the depot.....but I would need to pay them £1.81 because the postage had not been paid by the sender :-). No worries, more than worth £1.81 to get the signed prints of the car back from Sir Ian, and now I can start to get them out to the people who have requested one.

If anyone else would like one of these limited edition prints (only 250 to be made), please drop me a line and place an order.

Right. Better get organized and get some of the pre ordered ones off to their buyers now then :-)

Many thanks to Sir Ian for sorting this out for me, hopefully now I can start getting some cash in for the charity.


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