Thursday, 12 August 2010

What may have caused my Leukaemia?


I often find myself asking this question, but to be honest it seems that nobody within the medical circles can give me a real reason, so I have decided to list all of the illnesses and contacts with "dodgy" materials that I can remember.Perhaps someone somewhere will look at this list at some time and say "Ah ha...that's the link!" never know :-)

Things that may be relevant to my Leukaemia:

Pneumonia as a baby aged approx 18 months
Mumps. Twice as a child aged 7-9 years.
Chicken Pocks (or is it Pox?) as child aged 11-13.
Bronchitis.Suffered with this several times aged fault for being a mug and smoking !

Contact with and inhalation of AVTUR Aviation Fuel (Benzene based) for a few years, also got covered from head to foot in several gallons of the stuff on occasion! (RAF)
Working with components containing Beryllium (RAF)
Using large amounts of white spirit and trichloroethane to clean aircraft parts. (RAF)
Handling lots of luvvly Yellow Chromate which was used for assembling Tornado Wheels (RAF)
Being gassed once a year (for 12 years) with CS gas as part of my GDT,Ground Defence Training.(RAF)

If I think of anything else that might be relevant I will add it to this post as and when I get chance :-)


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