Monday, 2 August 2010

African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust Appeal Poster.


So what…if you are Black or Mixed race?

It’s shocking but it’s true, your chances of finding a lifesaving bone marrow donor ARE much more worse if you’re BLACK

…because there are 24 times more white people than black people on UK bone marrow registers.
The ACLT recently held two Super Donation Days, which aimed to boost the number of lifesaving bone marrow donors. These were the results:
Choice FM (Global Radio) in Leicester Square – Saturday 22nd June
75 new potential bone marrow donors
Galaxy FM (Global Radio) in Birmingham – Saturday 10th July
28 new potential bone marrow donors
I have to say that the apathy talked about on the ACLT website is not only apparent in the Black/Mixed Race community.Recently we held 2 clinics on 2 seperate days, and the total number of people recruited? ..............48!
If you would like to help the ACLT save lives, clich HERE to visit their website.

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