Wednesday, 18 August 2010

50 Cent Hosts Donor Drive For Leukaemia Sufferer.4000 sign up!


"50 Cent took time out of his busy work schedule this weekend to host a donor drive in New York for little leukaemia sufferer and Broadway star Shannon Tavarez.

Tavarez, who played the young Nala in hit musical The Lion King, was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia in April and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to survive.

The In Da Club hitmaker, real name Curtis Jackson, threw his support behind the 11 year old's search for a match earlier this month when he and his G-Unit bandmate Tony Yayo both registered as potential donors.

50 Cent decided to step up efforts to raise awareness about the cause by teaming up with DKMS, the largest bone marrow donor centre in the world, to hold a donor drive for the youngster at his Curtis Jackson Community Garden in Jamaica, Queens as part of his work with his charity, the G-Unity Foundation."

Haven't I always said that having a well known face being involved in your charity appeal has a huge effect upon its success?

Here is proof,if proof is needed, that this assumption of mine is not unfounded.

When singer 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) got into being a bone marrow donor in the USA, 4000 people followed his just 48 hours!.

4000!......this is a figure that you just NEVER see when it comes to "unsupported" donor recruitment drives!

God, how I wish that every eligible group,band,singer and TV celebrity in the UK would just stand in front of a camera and say "I have just joined the Anthony Nolan Trust and registered as a bone marrow donor...why don't you?". Knowing the high esteem that the young hold these people in, I would hazard a guess that we would witness a huge surge in people coming forward to sign up.

But this is just a mad dream, an unattainable folly that will never happen because unlike disasters in Africa that prompted "Live Aid" and the likes, people who die of Leukaemia do so without much fanfare or fuss, no one writes songs to raise awareness of this silent killer, yet all it would take on the part of these "Icons" to the young would be a few minutes of their time.

One short spoken sentence could spare someone, somewhere, a death sentence.

If only...............

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