Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wind Power (As Thomas Dolby would have sung!) arrives in Rainworth


Progress,as they say,never rests, and this is now obvious to anyone who lives with 3-5 miles of Rainworth in Nottinghamshire as they witness the changing of the skyline due to the installation of 5 brand new wind turbines this week(Vestas' V90 model's by the way!).

I (unlike many!) love these devices and find them both fascinating and strangely calming!. When I watch the slow progress of the huge blades on these towers it reminds me (for some reason!)of watching fish in a fish tank....and has a rather strange calming effect upon my being. Anyway, the 5 towers are reported to be capable of providing power to almost 5,500 homes when they go online in the not to distant future, and in a world were renewable energy is now the new goal for our planets power for the years ahead, we must embrace and applaud their installation and contribution to meeting all of our energy needs.
Thomas Dolby "WindPower"

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