Friday, 27 August 2010

What's a footballer worth then?


Having a chat to a work colleague the other day he told me of a guy who used to go to his school that now plays professional football.

The fella is in his mid 20's and recently moved from a smaller club to begin a stint with Newcastle United.

" Yeah" he told me, "he gets paid a lot more now"." how much?" I asked. "Well he was only on £5000 a week before, but now he gets £25'000 a week at Newcastle".............!!

Is it just me being an unreasonable/jealous/moaning git, but is kicking a ball around for a living, no matter how good you are, worth £25'000 a week? And if so...why?

I am 44, work a 37.5 hour week and for a living I maintain/repair life support systems in a large hospital.My work requires me to service and ensure the correct function of a wide range of equipment that is used within the hospital area, some of it is critical in keeping adults and children alive, How much would you think that is worth? Well lets just say that it is less than a premiership footballer would earn in 10 days!

Go figure :-)


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