Monday, 16 August 2010

Jeremy Beadle was on TV last night.....


..And it was good to see that at long last all of the work that he did for a Children's Leukaemia Charity was recognised.

This amazing guy, so often lampooned and attacked by the press for no real reason at all...except that he was Jeremy Beadle, actually helped to raise millions...nay, tens of millions of pounds for the charity Children with Leukaemia, and yet, being the quite and modest chap that he REALLY was, he kept this side of his life very low key, choosing not to boast or brag about his involvement but instead, over many years, he worked like hell to help those who found themselves fighting blood cancer.

The question is,would all of the snide,slimy journalists who made cheap jokes and quick money at Jeremy's expense have come forward if THEY had been asked to make the slightest contribution to anyone Else's well being!, or if they have given their time to support any sort of charitable event without expecting heaps of adoration or monetary reward for giving up their time.....I would guess the answer would be a resounding "No!". Gobby Gits are always looking for a cheap stab at someone but as with most pond life of this ilk, they don't want to stand up and be counted themselves when things get difficult and they are asked to get involved.

Sadly,Jeremy Beadle died, aged 59 on the 30th January 2008.He died of Leukaemia having only recently being diagnosed with Kidney cancer less than a year earlier, yet all the way to the end of his life he still had time for a joke and brought a smile to those around him.

On his headstone the inscription reads "Ask my friends". And, unlike many celebrities these days, Jeremy Beadle had many TRUE friends who would be more than willing to talk with genuine fondness and respect about the life of this amazing,versatile and inspiring man.

R.I.P Jeremy Beadle, the world is a poorer place since your passing.


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