Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Another day, another hospital ! But not about me this time :-)

No, nothing to do with me this time for a change !.Today was the day that we took "Mini me" (Andy Jr) to the Boston Pilgrim Hospital to have 3 of his teeth pulled...nice !.
The reason for having 3 teeth pulled? Well this was due to a slight mishap he had getting on for 2 years ago when he decided that using a piece of card as a makeshift surfboard on the laminate floor of our living room would be "cool and really good fun", and indeed it was as he slid along the floor. Sadly, shortly after he decided it was a good idea, he forgot that he had left the card on the floor and whilst running into the kitchen for something (probably pop,crisps etc!) he found himself taking the sort of tumble that "You've been Framed" pay £250 for....but sadly none of us had a camera rolling !.
The upshot of his rapid coming together with our living room floor was the obligatory trip to Grantham A&E dept where they confirmed the fact that he had indeed used his face as a shock absorber, and the result was a pair of "broken" front teeth...great !.
We were advised that it was expected that his tooshy pegs would inevitably fall out over the next few days/weeks, but they did not, and this is what resulted in myself and Teresa making the trip to Boston with him today to the the NHS tooth fairy "persuade" the offending teeth to leave him and so allow his new ones to take their rightful place and give him the smile that had been missing for oh so long.
Can i at this point just say a great big thank you to all of the staff that made our trip to the hospital so good and stress free to boot. So many times people feel the need to make adverse comments about our health service and the people who work in it, but on this occasion i feel that the whole team who dealt with my sons case should feel justly proud of their work, and made one little boy who is by his own admission, rather afraid of dentists, feel so at ease and comfortable, in fact rather too comfortable as i am sure that he would quite happily have spent the whole day fast asleep on the trolley in recovery if he had been able too!. Great job guys :-)

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