Friday, 15 May 2009

Join for Joel !

Yesterday I received a PDF file attached to a message from Nigel Gorvett of the Anthony Nolan Trust. Only 500 or so KB of data in total, barely half a megabyte, but contained within these binary files could possibly be the key to saving a life.Let me explain.

The files that I talk of contained the data to print 3 posters.Each one has the heading "Join for Joel",one contains details about the Bone Marrow donor session at Newark, one about the session at King's Mill, and the last contains info about both. I suppose what i am trying to point out is that something as small as a 500k PDF file may just possibly be able to convey the appeal for potential bone marrow donors to attend one of the sessions, and this in turn could lead to someone, somewhere finding a match that may possibly save their life.In the same way, when i sometime feel as though bothering to try to make a difference is a little like "urinating into an oncoming gale", i think that perhaps, just perhaps something that i do may lead to someone being cured, and that to me is worth more than all the money in the world !.

Hopefully, within the next week, Lee Baland, my good friend and graphics expert will turn the content of that little PDF file into vinyl graphics, and this will then be applied to both the Scirocco and the trailer.Once this is done i will tow the "rig" to and from work and spread the word to those that see me on my journey each day, sort of a mobile billboard i suppose, but hey, if that "special" person who is a match for someone who so desperately needs a bone marrow transplant See's the ad, then (much more importantly) does decide to attend one of the sessions and join the A.N.T, that would be just fantastic :-)

P.S If you want a copy of this poster to display at work or anywhere you think that people may be interested in joining the Register, click on the "More" button next to Scribd at the top of the poster and select "Print". You never know, one small action like putting a poster in your local chippy could lead to saving someones life !

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