Monday, 18 May 2009

Stick 'em up!....posters that is :-)

What a thoroughly tiring day it was today. Fixing broken beds and blood pressure monitors, putting up 50 posters to tell people about the donor recruitment sessions, checked and inventoried almost 50 sphygnomanometers (BP cuffs!)and then took a ride over to Newark to fix a treadmill! if i needed the run :-).
Anyway, i also posted some details about the event on the hospital web intranet, so if you are surfing onto this page from there...hello !.
Just got back from work now, so it's time for tea and a nice relaxing if!...with 3 feuding children ?......i think a few hours on the ruddy treadmill would be more relaxing !.

P.S if you would like to help us out with this event, click on the menu titled "more" on the advertisement on the post below, then you can print off and distribute them to any places that you think i may have missed...although with the amount of she leather i have burned so far up and down the KTC and the hospital towers, i don't think there are many notice boards left on the site!...but feel free to post them in any locations that you think may encourage folk to join. Thanks :-)

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