Saturday, 23 May 2009

What a busy day it has been !

Did some video work and added it to Youtube,cooked dinner,cleaned up the house (well some of it !),did some washing, then emailed Lee and Nooky to arrange getting the graphics for the car done over the next few days.Nooky invited me over to his place to get some piccies (and an impromptu video opportunity!)so myself and "mini me" (Andy Jr) went to see him at 4 ish, after a great chat with Nooky and a glass of orange we went back to Sleaford,bought some flowers from ALDI and drove over to the Cemetery in Cranwell village to put them on my RAF mate Rick Carolan's grave (he died May 23rd 1987 in a motorcycle accident on the A15.....bloody nice bloke,great mate,sadly missed).Then Andy Jr wanted to see the old Jet Provost that is now the gate guard at RAF Cranwell, so we drove up to it and had a quick look, followed by a short game of hide and seek...not many places to hide !, then back home for Chili and rice, washed the car and settled down to watch Austin Powers (Gold member)on the that film.And now...well now i am writing a blog entry...and you are hopefully going to read it at some point.

Whilst over at Nooky's place we did a short "promo" video appeal for the Join for Joel events in June, and i have now posted a still from that here.Cheers Nooky :-)

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