Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A big thank you to the 2 "white van" men tonight !

The ones who were having the most dangerous and outright crazy race that i have ever seen 2 white vans have.No lights on during a rainstorm,no indicators from either and attempting to overtake against oncoming traffic causing other road users to flee in terror at their madness !. I have seen some crazy drivers over the last 21 years of driving, but boy do you two get the award for the worst !. Oh yes, thank you to the guy in the works van with the Acronym "VAK" on it, you managed to both overtake me nearly forcing me off of the road, and then as a parting gesture you managed to throw a nice big rock up and crack my windscreen....don't you just love it? did 4000 miles through Europe with out a scratch on the screen, then get it damaged by a couple of nerds on the A17 !.

Oh, i got your numbers by the way, so i will post them on here just in case anyone does a vehicle search and wants to know its previous history....don't buy it :-)

Mad Van Man #1 "VAK" MF09 MCN & Mad Max Van #2 BJ52 FPO...both white !

Right, i will get some tea now to calm my nerves ! Fancy some chinese food tonight :-)

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