Friday, 22 May 2009

Happy Birthday to me !

Yes, it is indeed that time again when you add one more year to your running total, and this now brings me up to the grand old age of 43!.
I decided to "produce" (!) another video to mark this event, and so with my characteristic imagination and creative flair i decided to document daily drive to work !.OK, before anyone tells me that watching a video almost 1 hour and 10 Min's long that shows my 43.5 mile daily commute, let me assure you that it has not been compiled in "real time"...i have speed ed it up somewhat in the style of the classic 1950's film "London to Brighton run in 4 Min's which was made in 1955...slightly before 11 years!.
My offering was recorded on super high tech equipment that i installed in my Trusty Scirocco.....OK, i velcro'd my camera phone to the rear view mirror, but hey, the finished product is not bad for a first attempt.
The footage was recorded in real time, and the original film runs for 1 hour and 9 Min's, however due to some wizardry on my Lappy, i have managed to condense it down to slightly over 8 and a half Min's....if only the real trip took that long :-)
If you are familiar with the route,see if you can spot any scenery that you recognise.
And please, if you have happen to be lucky enough to own a Bugatti Veyron, don't try this on the way home :-)


John Wagner said...

Very clever! Happy Birthday to you and may you have many, many more.

jenny said...

bloody brilliant!!!! well done filming also happy birthday old man