Sunday, 24 May 2009

Suggestion of how to abolish MP's second home problem.

Whilst having a quiet moment today...and i don't get many of those!.......i spent some time thinking about how we (the general public) could avoid having to pay a shed load of cash out to hundreds of MP's (ministerial parasites), and all of a sudden it came to me :-).

It would utilise facilities that already exist, all we have to do is get one over to London (the Thames is so ideally situated for this close to the houses of parliament that travel costs from work to residence would also be vastly reduced )

Anyway, without further adoo...follow this link to see the details of my master plan, just needs a lick of paint perhaps, but i am sure that lots of MP#s would feel most at home there, and TBH a lot of them should be there anyway.......


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