Friday, 8 May 2009

Greedy politicians,corrupt system...but hey, it's all legal.....just highly immoral !

Time for my traditional whinge again I'm afraid, and boy is this subject getting on my nerves !.
Its in relation to the latest revelation about the claims that our trusty MP's (Members of Parliament) are making for such essential items as TV's,DVD's, new beds and such like.
Just caught a glimpse of the news and they report that Hazel Blears has played quite a smart little earner when she got the taxpayer to stump up several hundred quid a month for her mortgage, then sold the property and pocketed £45'000 profit !....nice.Especially as in the current climate thousands of folk are currently struggling to pay for the mortgage on their one and only home, and would be so happy to find that their hard earned taxes are being frittered away and given to these selfish, self gratifying gobshites (it's a father Ted phrase!) who are currently telling us all to tighten our belts and watch our spending......sweet !

Q: What allowances are MPs allowed to claim?
A: On top of an annual salary of £63,291, MPs are entitled to claim for a range of things including staffing, IT equipment, travel, pension provision, communications and housing.

Here are a couple of examples of "legalised fraud",the stuff that your tax pays for..............

A SENIOR Labour peer has been criticised after he claimed nearly £45,000 in overnight expenses to stay in a property he inherited from his late mother.

Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy claimed over £3,000 on expenses to fit a new boiler because he believed his water was "too hot", it is reported.

Minister Hazel Blears claimed for three homes in one year and spent nearly £5,000 on furniture in three months.A spokesman for Ms Blears said she had done nothing wrong and the furnishings she had bought were "reasonable".

"Hazel is honest as the day is long," said the spokesman before excusing himself and pointing out the fact that Ms Blears had been at work all day "and we know what is like to work for 25 hours without a break" he added !

And here is a link to the Guardian Website that will really cheer you up!............

Anyway,as long as it's legal, who cares about it being immoral ? :-)

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