Sunday, 24 May 2009

Oasis advert on TV is driving me quackers !

I have come to the conclusion that people who work in advertising really are from another planet.
Why? well take (for a random example...that has been annoying the duck out of me for a week or 2) the recent advert for Oasis "The drink for people who don't like water". Now call me picky, but isn't the main constituent of this drink...erm...water ? And if this is the case, why would people who "don't like water" want to drink it...more to the point, why would i prefer to pay 90p for a small bottle of water with a flavouring in it than to simple run a tap and add some squash ? Go figure !

Actually, this advert is not the only one that treats it's potential customers with such disdain that it hurts, it is one of so many others that have probably cost millions of quid to produce, and then completely baffle attempt and con the viewer with, well shall we say "bogus claims" about the products properties and effects.For example:

Gillette "the best a man can get"....our hero drags the razor over his already professionally shaved bonce (which has then be re covered in foam), to demonstrate how good the product good that they have to pre shave for the shaving demo !
Ford,Peugeot,Fiat,Citroen,Vauxhall..etc. Why do they always show the top of the range cars on the glossy footage that is thrust onto our TV sets...then label it with the cost of the base model and a tiny footnote at the bottom of the screen to tell you that the one you are looking at is gonna cost you twice as much ?

Take the Volvic 14 day challenge!......why bother? Just fill up a used plastic bottle with your everyday "common" tap water and save yourself a few quid.Of course the fact that keeping hydrated is proven to be of physical benefit of that there is no doubt, but why buy "designer" water when the stuff in your own home will do the job just as well! fact,stick tap water in a used Volvic bottle and not even your snotty friends will suspect :-)

Lastly.Why have Norwich Union decided that they are going to change their name to that of a rather ugly 1970's saloon car ? A Viva.........good grief, and how much did that cost to advertise ? Strange how my insurance policy's seem to be getting more expensive each year ! mmmm?

Anyway, feeling thirsty after all that typing, so I'm going to grab a drink of's for people who don't like water you know :-)

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