Friday, 1 May 2009

How do you compete for attention with Coldplay and Susan Boyle ?

Whilst surfing the web today i ended up on YouTube (as you do!), and conducted an experiment.
First i searched the site for video's for the rather fantastic group called "Coldplay", and surprise,surprise there were bl**dy hundreds of postings for various video's etc (approx 150'000...ish!), and the max number of hits on the highest ranking post was over 44 million !.
Susan Boyle (Britains got talent) is even more of an attention magnet....50,072,145 less than 3 weeks !
Then i typed in the word "Leukaemia" (just for a change!) and guess what.....663 video posts......max number of hits ? around 4-5000......ish!.
Question. How do you get the public to take notice of appeals for help with the fight against Leukaemia ? Answer= Get Coldplay or Susan Boyle to do you a promotional video or just state their support for it......but how do you go about getting in touch with these megastars ? That one i am still working on :-)

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