Thursday, 28 May 2009

Saw the Queen today.....wonder if she saw me ? :-)

Whilst out with mini me today we found ourselves being flagged down by one of the boys in blue (or is that black and yellow ?), anyway, it was because the Queen, who had been at RAF Cranwell for Prince Harry's Passing out parade, was making her way back over to the other side of the station (the airfield side), and had decided to walk the last part of the journey,i suppose that it was to stretch her legs, and Prince Philip's, before they got back on the HS 146 and shot off to the next appointment (or home even).Anyway,we found ourselves about 50 feet away from HRH herself, and so i whipped out the Sony Mobile and got some video of the event.Andy thought it was great, but i convinced him that yelling "Alright Queen" was maybe not such a good idea....i didn't fancy spending a night in the tower with him to be honest :-)

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