Friday, 18 September 2009

Chasing Shadows.Will I find the copyright owner ?

Today, after spending a good half hour attempting to resolve the problems surrounding my Tiscali Broadband issues (Its a long tale...don't go there!), i eventually got around to solving a puzzle that has had me well and truly baffled for some weeks now, namely, who actually owns the copyright for the Shirley Nolan book "A kiss through glass" published by Mirror books in 1979?.
Sounds easy doesn't it !, simply click a few buttons on the old laptop and the Internet will reveal all....or perhaps not!.
The problem revolves around the fact that :

A) Shirley died in 2002
B) Anthony (her only child) died in 1979
C) The Mirror Book Publishers no longer exist (as far as i am aware)
D) Shirley's ex husband is not easy to locate, if indeed he is still with us.
E)The Anthony Nolan Trust do not own the copyright
F) There are no real records as to who now owns the copyright in 2009

Today I phoned a few places after my inquiry at the local library sadly revealed no more leads to follow yesterday.My last call today was to a lady at the Mirror Group of Newspapers who (as far as I can ascertain) may be the best people to talk to regarding copyright of a book that was originally published by one of their subsidiaries some 30 years ago.

Why am I chasing this shadow? Well, a few months ago i suggested to Nigel Gorvett (the Anthony Nolan Trust donor recruitment regional organiser for the North of England) that re issuing the book written by Shirley would be a fantastic way of A) Raising the profile of the work that the ANT does, and B) may be a way to raise much needed funds for the trust to help with their work.
I was rather surprised then a few weeks later, to be told that the Anthony Nolan Trust did not in actual fact own the copyright for this publication, and so,sure that this idea was worth pursuing, i made it my goal to try to establish the facts, and if possible to get the book which documents a mothers unfaltering love for her seriously ill child, into publication once more.

Will it happen?.....only time will tell, but by god if I fail it won't be due to lack of effort on my part :-).

By the way, if i win the (estimated ) £85 million quid on the Euro Lottery tonight, i WILL be giving £75 million to as many bloody charities as i can........AND THAT IS A PROMISE ! saw it keep your fingers crossed :-)

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