Monday, 28 September 2009

A phone call, an email...and a lucky break ?

I got my call from the British Library today as promised, although to be honest nothing definite was passed on sadly. Full credit to the lady who called me though, not only was she extremely helpful, but she is also registered with the Anthony Nolan Trust, so top marks for that!.

The email enquiry to the Australian Library is still pending, and i have my fingers crossed that this will prove to be a good lead, but then, whilst reading a letter that was published on line by Shirley Nolan and addressed to the South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society, i spotted something in the text that (incredibly as i had read it a few times before!) i had not noticed previously.....

You probably can't see what it says due the way that the clip has been copied, but it actually says "I Shirley Nolan of the above address affirm that i have given some of my written books,pertaining to voluntary euthanasia,including my personal experience stricken with advanced Parkinson's disease, to the South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society. With my permission to use them in any way they wish to further the cause of voluntary euthanasia i.e the right to die with dignity and in peace".

Could this passing of the books copyright also include "A kiss through glass" ? I have emailed the society today, and i await their reply with some anticipation...and also some excitement ! :-)

To see the full contents of Shirley's letter, just click HERE

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