Monday, 28 September 2009

The search for the copyright owner goes on!.....

So today i decided to resume my search for the holder of the copyright of Shirley Nolan's book "A Kiss Through Glass".As you will be aware (if you have read some earlier posts) the search is proving to be so much harder than I first imagined it would be, and so far i have made quite a few enquiries but with little in the way of new or groundbreaking information.

The first call today was to the British library (may as well go for the jugular!), and this resulted in the promise of a return call with any information that may be found later today (Not sure of the ladies name to whom I spoke, but she seemed quite interested in the story of my search!).I will await a call with some anticipation.

Next, i emailed a question to the "Ask the librarian" section of the Australian National Library service. I received this confirmation of my request status....

"Question summary Question # NLAref30012

Request type Enquiry

Please state your enquiry

Hello.My names Andy Ward and i am currently trying to ascertain the owner of the copyright for a book published in 1978/79 called "A kiss through glass" by Shirley Nolan. The book told the story of her fight to save her son Anthony's life and the subsequent setting up of the Anthony Nolan Trust to recruit people onto the Bone Marrow Donors register. Can you help? Many thanks.Andy

Received date 28/09/09 06:44 pm

Status Unallocated (Pending)

Your email address"

So now we just have to wait and see what happens next :-)

I will keep you posted.


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