Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A tale to warm your heart...or at least dry your washing!

Early in 2008 we had to replace our ageing tumble dryer due to it being "worked to death" by a never ending line of wet washing.
We bought a replacement dryer of the same brand,"White Night".I picked it up from the Curry's electrical store in Sleaford, took it home and put it to work immediately working it's way through our seemingly never reducing pile of newly washed clothes (this is when you know you have 3 children in a household!).

All was well for several months until the machine started to make a rather nasty grinding noise when it was in use, so, after putting up with this for a few days, i got on the phone and called the company to see what could be done.They sent out a fella to collect the dryer, who took it away in his van, then a few days later it was returned fixed!.....great :-).

Fast forward another 6-7 months and the noise began again, we made plans to call the company once more (even though by now the warranty was expired!), but fate intervened and during one particularly heavy drying session Teresa noticed a rather worrying burning smell!.She went into the kitchen and was greeted by a haze of smoke coming from the dryer!. She turned the machine off, opened the door and immediately noticed that the back of the dryer now appeared to be missing...well that was until she found the missing back mixed in with the half dry clothes.

On further investigation she found that a sock (one of mine...typical!) had entered the hole which had been left by the displacement of the rear of the drum, and had been cooking away merrily on the heating element!.......not a good smell she tells me...even with a clean sock :-0.

The following day, after hearing the story of woe from my dearly beloved, i made a call to Crosslee, the company who make the White Knight range of appliances, and explained what had happened. I was expecting nothing to be honest, and was extremely amazed,surprised and chuffed to bits when the lady told me how sorry the company was for our little excursion into toasted socks, and that they would arrange for a new machine to be delivered asap!.......and do you know what? They did what they promised!.A few days later a courier arrived, took the rather sad original machine away, and left a spanking new one for us....how good is that?

Crosslee are based in Halifax,UK and i just really wanted to share this story with you to illustrate that there are still some damn good British companies out there who feel an obligation towards their customers.....Well done Crosslee (White Knight) and i for one will happily recommend you to my friends and family.......now, how much did they say the cheque would be for if i gave them a plug on my blog?....lol :-)

Here is a well deserved link to their site: Click HERE

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