Friday, 18 September 2009

Still chasing !......

Got a phone call back from the lady at the Daily Mirror,she tells me that in 1979 they ran a serialisation of the book in the newspaper, and this was arranged through a company known as Gazelle books of Australia.She also suggested that a call to the British Library might be a good idea.
I found a website for a company called Gazelle books, but this turned out to be a UK company which was not connected to the Australian operation......i apologised to the lady for calling her by mistake, then resumed the search.
I intend to try to talk to the company in Australia if i manage to track them down, but also, now i must consider the possibility that perhaps a lot of the businesses involved in the release of the work may no longer be in existence....what then?

What i could really do with at this point is a bit of random good luck in my search.......until then, i must try to make some of my own! :-)

By the way, i have bought 2 Euro Lotto tickets, not checked them yet, but as stated earlier, if i was (by some miracle!) to win, several deserving charities will too!..........with a share of the spare £75 million :-)

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