Friday, 25 September 2009

Post Pals. Childrens Cancer Site.Could you light up a chids day ?

If you take a look in the left hand column of this blog you will see a link to the Post Pals Page which will take you to a website set up to allow folk to chat with and cheer up kids who's lives have been touched by Cancer.

This is what it says on this great site......

"It's you, members of the public who help make a difference to sick children by logging online and sending post to the Pals, but behind that is a network of dedicated volunteers (Snaily trailers) who handle all kinds of jobs.

The Team knew their health was likely to cause problems with trying to run the project and so they set about finding some special people (us) who could give an hour or two a week to assist the team with the little and not so little jobs. Sometimes it's research or making hand made cards, teaching one of us to use a program or compiling charity lists. The team feel we are just as important to Post Pals as them, the Pals and lovely people like you. There are too many of us to mention by name, but at the last team meeting there was a delivery of snails arrived for the birthday boxes. The little blighters had a mind of their own and before we knew it they were out of control. In a flash Kat found a camera and we think it’s the perfect picture to represent those who do so much and ask for so little in return, the 'Snaily trailers'!"
Click on the link to your left and take a look.Thanks :-)

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