Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New "Family Bus" now in service...but with a few hiccups!

Last week we finally took delivery of our new "Family Bus" which this time is in the shape of a 2006 Skoda Roomster TDi. It's a great motor, and on the face of it, it will be a lot more economical to run than the last motor, the Hyundai Trajet. Why? Well for a start the road tax on the Roomster is only £125 per year as opposed to £118 per 6 months on the Jet, economy is also a lot better, with the Roomster attaining an MPG figure of 49, whilst the Hyundai would only ever manage 39-40.

The new(ish!) car has only 16,000 miles on it at not quite 3 years since purchase (it was my dads before we bought it!), has a full service history and came with a new MOT and a years tax (thanks Pop!). However!...............

We have been informed now by the garage that carried out the MOT that due to some mistake, the Pass form for the car refers to it as a Skoda "Fabia", which of course it is not!. To cut a long story short, VOSA (The government agency that issues MOT's and carries out vehicle checks) have requested that we take the car to Sheffield so that they can see if it indeed a Roomster and not a Fabia!. I pointed out the fact that the DVLA (another government agency) had listed it on our V5 as a Roomtser and by that fact could they not simply take the DVLA's word for it (!), but no, that of course would be far to logical and easy. The result then is that at some point in the next few weeks we need to get the car up to Sheffield and have some bloke with a clipboard confirm that we are indeed driving a Roomster and not (as i have already pointed out at some legths!) a Fabia!. Nice to be trusted, and nice to know that the left and right arms of the system still don't know what either is doing...some things never change :-)

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