Friday, 25 September 2009

Well done to the Duke of Wellington Pub Leasingham.....NOT!

Can I just say many thanks to the Landlord/Landlady of the Duke of Wellington pub in Leasingham for their generous and public spirited actions that they have invoked recently, namely the placing of vehicles in the entrances of their car park to prevent parents from dropping off and picking up their youngsters in safety at the start and end of the school day :-).
Now i do understand that they may feel that parents are taking something of a liberty by parking up in their car park whilst dropping off their sproggs, but the reality is that they are not causing any real problems to the parking of the pubs customers, and more to the point some of the parents are also past or maybe future clients....or could have been until they found out that the publicans at the D of W are seemingly lacking in any public spirit, and consider the petty act of denying access to a safe area to drop off young children is fully justified.
All i can say to the folk in the pub is that although they may have the right to do this, perhaps they would like to consider how they would feel if a 4,5, or 6 year old ends up under a car because they had to alight from a car in an overcrowded street when (until recently) there was an empty car park within a short distance of their could happen.

Please reconsider your actions folks, it's a small village school, the cars are all gone within 25 mins and it would certainly make the parents of the kids more likely to become future customers.......Ta!

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