Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Copyright owner search......message from Australia has arrived :-)

I had a look at my emails this morning and found that my enquiry to the National Library of Australia has been responded too.

Yet again, frustratingly no ground breaking information, but quite a few suggestions of new avenues of enquiry.

This is the email that i received:

Dear Mr Ward

Thank you for contacting the National Library of Australia.According to information I found on the Internet, Shirley Nolan committed suicide in Adelaide (South Australia) in 2002. The only information I could find about her spouse stated that they had separated in 1975. The question of who is now the copyright holder for this book is unclear.The Australian Copyright Council's Information Sheet G51 Owners of copyright: how to find, states that,"If copyright was owned by an individual who has died, copyright is usually passed onto that person's spouse or children. You may be able to check who inherited copyright if you can get a copy of the person's will. If copyright has not been bequeathed specifically, it is presumed to form part of the residual estate. In Australia, contact the Probate Division of the Supreme Court in the State where the author died. Alternatively, if the work has been published, contact the relevant publisher."Contact details for the South Australian Supreme Court Probate Division can be found through this website: and the email address given for Probate enquiries is: publisher of "A Kiss Through Glass" was Gazelle Books, however I can't find any information to confirm that this publisher is still in business.Finally, the Copyright Agency Limited ( is the major copyright collecting agency. It is possible that the author signed up with them.I hope this information is of assistance.

Good luck with your search.

Regards,Kate Boesen Reference Librarian
Information ServicesNational Library of Australia

Quite a lot to chase there, so it looks like this weekend will possibly be a busy on !

Many thanks to Kate for taking the time and effort to gather this information for me :-)

Off we go again!.............


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