Monday, 7 September 2009

Family bus has now been wife has no car for 10 days

Well we said a fond farewell to our trusty Hyundai Trajet on Sunday morning when the people from Aylesbury came up to take her back "daan Saath" with them.
Teresa seemed a little edgy that morning, and me, being my usual self, could not see why that was. A little later i could see her looking a little teary eyed, and it then transpired that she was feeling a little sad that after owning the car since 2003, it was now time to go our separate ways and bid farewell to the old (ish!) girl.
She reminded me that when we bought the car in September 2003, our boy (mini me!) was only 4 months old, and that we had revelled in the fact that suddenly we were able to put the pram into the car without any of the usual shenanigans that normally come with collapsing a pram to fit in the boot! could simply put the whole ruddy thing in and be off on your way...bliss!.
Can I just say to my poor wife that I am truly sorry that I did not appreciate just how attached you had become to the ol "Jet", and i was so caught up in making the arrangements for its "disposal" that i completely missed the fact that it had become something of a "part of the family". Sorry.
Anyway, on a more practical note, she now has to be car-less for the next 10 days, but luckily her sister Kath has offered to get both her and Andy Jr to his new school during that thanks must go to Kath for that offer of help :-)

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