Saturday, 5 September 2009

How strange.......We won a Trophy :-} Horaaahhhh !

Yippee!.We managed by some miracle today to be lucky enough to win a trophy, and no, it was not for the "Best Red Scirocco towing a half Scirocco" category !.
The category that we won was actually the "Well Loved,Well used" section, and I guess that it was quite a fitting category for a car that has spent the last 2 and a half years of it's life helping to raise money for charity, and in between, getting me to work!.

Great result, and just a quick thanks to Pitstop again who delivered a battery to me during the show after the original expired whilst supplying my 600w inverter (running the Laptop,monitor to show Glens brilliant DVD which covers our Little adventure in a quite amazing way.
Thanks also to our mate Nooky Nauyokas who put in an appearance at the show (in civvies) with his wife Liz, to help us raise some dosh for the help to hero's charity. You can just see him stood behind his better half in the photo, but sadly he was "guzzumped" by mini me who got into the foreground as i took the shot...bless him!.Good job that Nooky had gone by the end of the show as i am pretty sure that he would have been rather pleased about being refered to by the announcer as " Cpl Nico's of the channel 4 programme lads army"....oooppps !

One last thanks must also go to Matt of Xtreme Valeting in Sleaford who kindly offered to cast some of his magic on Scarlett's rather dirty looking tyres (well she does work for a living you know!).The result was that he made her footwear (or is that tyre wear?) look fantastic, and made her make over complete...thanks Matt :-).

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