Friday, 15 January 2010

2010 PROJECT...Not going to well so far !, but still early days.

Well, after contacting 3 companies so far i have had replies to date :-(. This is the part of this charity work that I really hate, especially when your enthusiasm is apparently not matched by those who you cantact for support. Don't get me wrong, i appreciate that some of the companies that I approach for sponsorship or support may not be able or willing to offer help, but what really gets my goat is that after spending sometimes hours in preparing emails/letters and waiting weeks for replies, i don't even get "I regret to inform you that..." reply,not even a one liner...nothing...zilch!.
This years project is already 2 weeks into 2010 and so far i have managed to secure no further sponsorship from any other parties other than the West Notts College (graphic design) and the Leukaemia Research Foundation, Oh, and Biff, my mate who is going to do the graphics for the car for free (bless you mate!).

I have now decided to document on this blog, the companies that i have contacted, and the outcome of my requests. This is not a witch hunt and in no way is meant to ridicule any companies who decline my request,but it is to outline the amount of work that is being put into this project, and will serve to illustrate the net return of my efforts.

So, (in no real order) the companies and organisations contacted so far:

Newbolds Volkswagen (Mansfield).Spoke to Service manager at some lengths,still awaiting reply.

Volkswage Racing Cup Organisers. Emailed 2 weeks ago, no reply so far.

GSF (German,Swedish and French) Car Spares.No reply still after 2 weeks.

Can I just ask that if anyone reading this blog knows someone,or a company,that may be interested in helping me out with this project,could they PLEASE get in touch and let me know. I need support with this 2010 project this year and would be more than happy to shoiw recognition of any support by way of mentions in radio/TV appearences and also by applying company logo's to the car.

What do I need help with ?

I need 8 new (or good) alloy wheels for the car and trailer (4+2+2 spares) These must be 15" 4 stud and 100 (Volkswagen or Vauxhall fit)
Can anyone fit new suspension ? I need to sort this out as the car is rolling quite a lot and would benefit greatly from new shockers and springs.
Window tinting.For the rear of the car and the trailer windows....can someone do this?

Audio.I have a 600w inverter which i can use to power a large screen, but could do with someone with in car ICE experience to help me sort out the sound issues.

If anyone can help with any other aspects of the cars prep for the 2010 project, please,please step forward and make yourselves known :-)

I really want to be able to do a good job in spreading the word about the work that Leukaemia Research do, and have been doing since 1960, so the better the car looks and sounds, the more attention it gets, the better.


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