Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Help for heroes Microlight pilot Martin Bromage killed on charity flight.

A microlight pilot aiming to fly to Australia to raise money for Britain’s injured soldiers ditched into the sea and died before he reached France.

Martin Bromage was less than three hours into his 11,000-mile (18,000 km) odyssey when thick fog forced him to make a series of distress calls and abandon attempts to land at his intended destination of Le Touquet, near Calais. Coastguards said that he was heading back to England when he lost contact with air traffic control.

What a tragic end to such an ambitious and worthwhile project. Martin was trying to help others when he died, and the saddest thing I think is that the SUN newspaper (who founded help for hero's!) considered it such a worthwhile story that they published it on the front page...NOT!. Actually they deemed it such an important story that they gave Martin a whole half a page on page 19....even Pete Daugherty and Amy Winehouse get futher up the table of "Important news" just by getting legless,swearing and being sick!.

I feel so angry that this fine gent made the ultimate sacrifice to try and help his fellow human beings, and in this world of celebrity, his death was reported with less interest than the fact that Cadbury have been bought out by KRAFT foods...what a bloody disgrace.

Our thoughts of course are with Martin's family at this difficult time, and I will state here on this blog that Martin himself was a hero, and his family should be proud of that fact even though some sections of the media don't seem to be giving him the respect he deserves for his efforts.

To read the full story click HERE to go to the websit of a proper newspaper !

R.I.P Martin.

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