Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sleaford has some more long term roadworks...shall we rename it "Gridlock" ?

I am of course refering to those annoying one way (into, but not out of Sleaford) ones on Grantham Road.
Now me being an inquisitive sort of bloke i have made a few enquiries and have discovered the following facts about these...erm.....pains in the posterior.

1) They are known as "Phase one"...because after they are completed,phase 2 will start!.....then (strangely enough) phase 3 apparently.
2) Phase one is the first part of 3 phases of work that are being carried out by LCC to link the new Hamlett of Greylees with the Market(!) town of Sleaford.
3) The work currently being undertaken is to install street lighting,pavements a cycle lane and drainage.
4)The work is scheduled to run for another 4-5 weeks........all good news then!....GROAN!

If you had asked me a few weeks ago when I was sat in yet another traffic jam somewhere in this gridlocked town I would have said that the best thing in Sleaford was the road leading out of it!.

Sadly, this is no loner the case.Why? Well, because now,the powers that be have made it a lot harder to leave the town by closing off the Grantham road exit !.Now, in order to leave Sleaford along the A153, you need to take a "slight detour" along to and then through Silk extra 3 miles on my 42 mile trip to Mansfield in a morning...oh bliss!.
Of course I could decide to go through the town centre, but then you hit a large line of traffic waiting to get onto the Holdingham roundabout, but that can be complicated even more if you happen to get your times wrong and end up stuck at the level crossing waiting for a train loaded least 4 people.

I had a questionaire sent to me the other day asking what I like about Sleaford...i am going to have to think about my answer very carefully now!.

P.S Don't get me wrong, if you like charity shops,pubs,restaurants,cafes or hairdressers then this is the town for you......just not much else going down, and the "Market" in the accolade of "Market town" is sadly almost non existent now days due to the powers that be making it so bloody hard to get A) Into Sleaford and parked, and B)...Erm..out of Sleaford.Bless em!.

P.P.S Last week the local paper reported that the council is planning to pay a bunch of consultants £200,000 to tell them what Sleaford should aim to be in the next 20-25 years. The answer is of course.....rebuilt from scratch! :-)

Anyway,If you would like to keep up to date with all f the planned and current roadworks in the Lincolnshire area,click HERE to get the lowdown from the LCC Website....nice :-)

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